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Re: X-MEN: FIRST CLASS - Grading+Discussion **SPOILERS!**

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Well of course they'll do "The Wolverine" first. Fox has already stated that it's still targeting a release for next year.
Which really makes me wonder how arrogant Fox is really... Or they're just plain nuts. 2012 is already swarming with competition - The Avengers and MiB3 in May, Prometheus and Star Trek XII in June (though I doubt it), Spiderman reboot and The Dark Knight Rises in July, Totall Recall remake in August, the new Bond in October, a new Twilight movie in November, Man of Steel and The Hobbit in December...

Holy cow... Well, if McQuarrie's script really IS as good as some people say, then maybe Wolverine stands a chance... James Mangold is a good director (IMO better than Aronofsky), and people do love High Jackman... But still, releasing a new instalment of a shaken franchise (lets not fool ourselves, FC is by far the least successful X-Men movie to date) in a year in which 6 major franchises return to the cinemas... We'll see...
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