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Lines tend to work best on two-dimensional displays. Given the necessary three-dimensional nature of space, it's kind of hard to define anyone's territory with lines. We don't know how much territory the krogans control, but given the Council's reaction to the Krogan Rebellions, it's probably not much more than their home system and maybe some of the systems within their cluster.
Exactly. The same applies to any territory claimed by one power or another. The only border that has any meaning is the termini of local mass relays...or as the krogan say; the range of their weapons. It's also why a territorial map of the galaxy would be meaningless since in term of volume, the vast majority of galactic space is unknown and unclaimed. All you could do is colour code individual stars and even if a government laid claim to hundreds or even thousands of systems, a few coloured points scattered against the backdrop of several hundred billion stars...well you'd could hardly tell they were there at all.

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That was the confusing part. The map didn't show you the line of demarcation of the zone. I wasn't sure if that label was for. Apparently it was the entire Star Cluster and I don't read all the codex. I kept thinking we were visiting a world founded by them.
I think it's time you started because I've lost track of how many times you've voiced a rather drastic misconception. Seriously, at times I wonder if you're playing the same game as everyone else! Hell even reading the primary ones will do. It's easy really since you don't even have to actually read them. When you select one there's a little audio clip that reads it for you.

In this instance though, you didn't need to open the codex, it was all right there on the planetary screen when you came into orbit. But if that's too much to ask I'll quote it for you.

"In recent centuries many krogan have returned to their homeworld. The reduced albedo has caused global temperatures to rise. In order to maintain livable temperatures, a vast shroud was assembled at the L1 Lagrange point. It is maintained by the Council Demilitarization Enforcement Mission (CDEM) which is based on orbiting battlestations.

CDEM ADVISORY: Visitors to Tuchanka land at their own risk. The CDEM will not attempt to extract citizens threatened by clan warfare.
Population: 2.1 billion
Capital: currently Urdnot (since 2183)
CDEM Garrison: 2,400 (in orbital battlestations)
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