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The horse head nebula! I love that. Only thing the carpeting on the bridge i think is a wrong idea. Looks like a cheap hotel. Who vacuums?

The main theme melody I had turned out to be Prokofieff. No wonder I thought it was so good. I have another. I better go back and check Prokofiev again though. Do you have a main theme yet? It reminds me a little of the Posieden Adventure. A little ship against all the odds makes it through. on a wing and a prayer.
Carpet on the set is to help deaden footsteps and echos. It's practical, and this is THE FUTURE where Roomba mk. MCMXI robotic vacuums keep everything tidy.

I've previously stated that we have a composer lined up and that said composer won't be writing the final music for the show until it's completely shot and the editorial process is close to completion. Even if we had a main theme selected, we wouldn't be sharing it at this point.

At this time we're focused on making the show not promoting it, which is why we haven't even released a teaser trailer even though the bulk of the show is already shot. It's why you haven't seen anything beyond carefully selected stills that don't give away too much.
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