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Re: Re-Imagined K'tinga/D7

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Psion, no one's "irate". We're just discussing and maybe disagreeing. As to the topic gray, by definition, is relatively achromatic. If it looks gray with a hint of something, it's a gray. If it appears to be a color, even a very light color it's chromatic, ergo not gray. There's no hard and fast line as to were that boundary is.
No, no, I agree, we're getting along fine ... "irate" was a bit of hyperbole counseling against taking the whole issue too seriously. This is a wonderful discussion exploring the minutia of Star Trek that the subject a whole lot of fun to geeks like us. Even if Cary thinks I need a Wiki link explaining what tie-dying is.

Hmmm ... thinking back on my childhood and how cubes came to me for tips on how to be square, he might be right.

Y'know, the other side of this is that this show was one of the heralds of color television, with plenty of directives from NBC to make the sets and all more colorful. Maybe Roddenberry really did want the D7 to have 'striking' colors ... and maybe, given stories about the color corrections done to a certain green Orion slave girl, someone in film processing thought the D7 looked silly and made it more gray.
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