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Re: Ron Thornton Interview

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[edit] looking at the disc now, I think there might be a couple of ITF related images on here (in ye'olde .pct format.) One is what looks like a title screen with the B5 brand logo over some starfury that look way to low poly to be the FI/Netter Digital assets. There's also a rendering of the station that looks to be of a similarly lesser quality (but bloody fantasitc for a game engine circa 1998.)
I'm pretty sure those are actually fan models of the time. The Starfury has the splayed, too-wide wingspan of Mark Kane's first model of it, and the station looks like Dean Scott's from the too-tall solar panels and the fact that the cobra bays aren't at a 45 offset from the docking bay. The "trailer" that was all TV shots also had one original shot at the very beginning with what looks likes Mark's 'fury.

I'll say this about the early days of fan-made CGI- the lack of good reference (you couldn't get good screencaps like you can from a DVD or an HD video file, and forget orthographic renders of the show model) meant the models all had their own distinct quirks that makes them distinguishable.

In addition to the game's main title that was on that CD, there were about a dozen tracks leaked/released (who can remember after so long?) of in-game music. There were two batches, six that were 3-4 minutes long each, and five that were all about eleven minutes long. You could hear how the different music snippets blended together into a cohesive whole, especially if you had both batches, since the long ones had some of the same snippets as the shorter ones, but in a different order.

The fact that I'm commenting on this page on three different forums now is starting to freak me out.
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