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Re: New Star Trek Fan Film

Updates on our four summer productions:

1) "Doctor's Orders" -- Tim Carr (Director) and Renda Carr (Maura Drake) are coordinating with Christy Mullins (who'll be playing a nurse), Jim Brucke and Keith Harris (both of whom will be playing security officers) to try to get "The Lucky One" filmed on an upcoming Saturday when schedules permit. We will let you know once we get the time, date and logisitics of it worked out. They are still looking for extras for the episode which will be shot in one day in the Montgomery, Alabama, area.

2) "The Void" -- Randy Landers has finished cataloguing the clips for this episode. He's now begun work on assembling the episode itself. It's looking good, and we hope to have a rough cut in about a week or two. Randy has posted a couple of pictures to the FaceBook group from the episode.

3) "The Night the Stars Fell from the Sky" -- Shooting will continue on this production Saturday morning, June 25th, from 7:00am until just before noon. On hand will be cast members Jeff Green (Captain Grigory), Christin Woods (Ensign T'Noshi), Bill MacKenzie (Lieutenant Caley), Dennis Proulx (Sarat) and Eric Holt (Kalv), as well as Sara MacKenzie (T'Hima) to handle the camera and Randy Landers to handle the boom microphone. Shooting takes place on Friday and Saturday mornings, 7:00am until 11:00am or so at the Radium Springs Park. The local drought has drastically affected the water levels at the park, but it's definitely adding to the alien-look of the locale. In addition to playing Paral, William Searcy continues to be a tremendous help with taking plenty of pictures which can be found on our FaceBook page.

4) "The Devil in the Details" -- Shooting for this vignette, written by David Eversole, will take place on July 9th at One Trick Pony in Albany, Georgia. This episode will feature Doug Harper (Commander Delaney), Mario Pagan (Lieutenant Yilmaz), Eric Moore (Lieutenant Commander n'Ahman) and Richard Thornton (Lieutenant Frazier). Special guest stars: John Lenwell, who appeared in Starship Farragut's "Just Passing Through," will be featured as a Klingon bartender, and Cassie Martin in a very special role. We're inviting all cast members to attend this filming; we'll be having Buffalo Wings, Spicy Meatballs, Chips, Dip and softdrinks. Please make sure it's on your calendar to attend.

Bill Walker is still working on the final phase of production of "Doctor's Orders." We're hoping to release this vignette very soon. Keep your fingers crossed!
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