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Re: Ron Thornton Interview

^Just read the Jack Nichols interview and there's a minor error near the end of page 5. It looks like you copy pasted a question & answer over from page 4 by mistake. It's the one that starts "Typical. Corporations (as entities) exist in their own little reality bubbles..."

Oh and I can say that Chris Franke defiantly did do the music for ITF. There's a sample of it in the 'Enhanced Music CD' that came bundled with the 'Official Guide' CDROM. There's even a little ad for the space sim under the install instructions on the inside of the sleeve.

[edit] looking at the disc now, I think there might be a couple of ITF related images on here (in ye'olde .pct format.) One is what looks like a title screen with the B5 brand logo over some starfury that look way to low poly to be the FI/Netter Digital assets. There's also a rendering of the station that looks to be of a similarly lesser quality (but bloody fantasitc for a game engine circa 1998.)

There's also some little .mov vids with JMS, Copeland, Jurasik and Iacovelli talking the game up, plus a teaser trailer (all just space combat footage from the show edited against the season 4 title music.)

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