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The Vampire Diaries really does get good in season 2. I started watching with that season and was hooked.

I went back and watched season 1 because I am just wired that way. It was not as good. I could see the potential but season 1 would not have hooked me.

Too much teen drama and not enough beasties and history.

Season 2 drops a lot of the angst. It delves more into the history of the families. It is pretty action packed and the storyline moves along at a good clip.

It seemed like the show runners really looked at their problems and tried to fix those.

Ian S becomes really central. He was always a main character but it is like they said to themselves - "People love this guy. Let's do more of that."

Damon and Alaric are a hoot.

Elijah is just awesome.

Nina D rocks as Katherine. It is odd how she makes the characters totally seperate down to facial expressions and tone. In season one I felt like I was watching Elena in period dress. In season two she can just walk in a room and I am like oh Hell it is Katherine.

It is like the cast and writing just gels and then it is full speed ahead.
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