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Re: Re-Imagined K'tinga/D7

To be clear, the article cited says the original model built for the show, "was actually a striking purple-blue and light green." And then, "[Round 2's] approach was to paint the ship a more overall grey while maintaining a hint of original purple and green. That way, everyone should be able to relate to it. I also weathered it to make the model more appealing, even though the originals were not weathered."
Well, again, "striking" means very little.

I think we can all agree that the model wasn't painted in flourescent colors, can't we? Yet to me, that would be "striking."

To someone who expected to see a model which was purely monochromatic, and if they saw that there was a clear hint of color there which they'd never expected to see, that would be "striking," wouldn't it be?

This is like people saying that Kirk's tunic in TOS was "green." Well, it had a hint of green in it. Other people say that it was "yellow" and there some element of yellow in it as well. The reality is that it's a unique color, neither green nor yellow, more along the lines of "tan" than anything else.

When you say "light green" this infers something like this:

And when you say "purple" this is what that means:

Well, I'll grant you... if the ship really had been painted in those colors, that WOULD be "striking," wouldn't it be?

But to Psion's point:

Tie-Dye! Tie-Dye! That's the real appearance!
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