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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I also advocate changing designs which were simply reused or haphazardly modified at the last minute in any remastering to add some incentive to watch again and break up the Excelsior class of the week which cropped up A LOT in TNG.
This is EXACTLY what I am afraid of. Changing designs, replacing ship classes with others ... so the Cairo is not an Excelsior class anymore, it suddenly is an Akira! It may not be important for plot or story, but this is changing history! Since when is coolness more important than canon to you people?
I agree that changes like that specifically shouldn't happen. Every time an admiral visited, yes -- it was the same shot of an Excelsior class ship pulling up next to the Enterprise. I would like this shot to be changed up for every instance it's used -- different angles, that sort of thing. I don't think they should be swapped out for other classes though, or ships that just weren't in the show to begin with. There's always a level of nuance that needs to be applied to these discussions, as it doesn't really need to be an "all or nothing" thing with regard to making editing changes such as these. I'm perfectly fine with them creating a variety of different shots for all the Excelsior-Class/Enterprise meet up scenes - but keep them Excelsior-class ships cause that's what they were in the show the first time around.

As far as effects go, from reading the dialog in this thread -- I'm still uncertain whether phasers, energy beams, transporter effects, etc., were on film or not because I've seen people say both things on this thread -- but if they need to be redone, I'm okay with that too.

I think, also, from experience we can assume a greater level of respect toward the original TNG if they do have to redo some stuff, than George Lucas paid to his even his own stuff. I can't imagine TPTB who would be releasing a TNG-HD would do something on the level of stupidity as the Jabba scene from Star Wars Episode IV. In fact, I seriously doubt there really would be that much changed storywise if any at all. I think we can expect that anything that's re-done will be done faithfully and with respect .. and they have to do it if they want to release it in HD unless we want to see big blobs of stuff where FX should be right in the middle of a crisp, clear everything else.

The fact is, that unless TNG is remastered, then as television sets become more and more advanced, what we presently have for TNG will eventually become unwatchable. I'm not talking about blurry. I'm talking about the TV show looking exactly like Space Invaders, and it is totally not subjective. What I'm seeing some not getting, for some reason, is that moving TNG to HD makes it closer to the original vision, because they filmed it --- on film ---- in the first place.

Added scenes and replacing content (an Excelsior class suddenly becomes an Ambassador class) is an entirely different discussion which has nothing at all whatsoever to do with making something HD. It's like saying one doesn't want to buy clearer eyeglasses with better lenses because there's a chance someone at the eyeglass factory might add a big nose and eyebrows to it. Unfortunately, the Star Wars Universe has convinced everyone that "upgrading effects" is the same thing as "rewriting the entire story" so people automatically assume that the folks in charge of TNG would do mindbogglingly stupid things like that.
You mention Star Wars and that reminds me: around fall of 2006 when the idea of TOS Remastered was coming around, one of the guys actually in charge of the project (Rossi ?) came to speak at a convention in Chicago that I attended (my first and only con BTW), and as soon as he took the stage, the first thing he said was "let me make this clear, this is not 'Greedo shooting first' ". That got the crowd on his side right from the start. If that same attitude is in play with TNG, I don't think we have anything to worry about.
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