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Re: Best Audio Book?

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A lot of people don't like Zagreus but I think this largely spurned by the fact it didn't meet particular expectations people had (i.e. lots of Doctor/Doctor/Doctor/Doctor interaction). Personally, I love the story for what it is and it's a satisfying (albeit not perfect) conclusion to the fantastic Neverland.
I don't know about "A lot of people," but I hate Zagreus because it is four hours of bad dialogue and worse characterization.
I won't comment on the story. As with The Five Doctors, the story takes a back seat to everything else. It is an excuse to get as many living Doctors (and their companions) together, as possible. Plus one Doctor who is no longer living. And companions who hadn't even been introduced in the released stories, at that point (such as "c'rizz" or whatever his name is).

Unfortunately, as with the Five Doctors, we have to wait until nearly the end to get all the Doctors together. Still, we know going in that it's an anniversary fan-service story.

I'm happy with what we got. But then, I accept it for a typical multi-Doctor anniversary story.
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