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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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Hell, he even seems to play Hollis Mason's death for laughs!
I don't think it was played for laughs at all.
It wasn't.

Snyder's Watchmen was the best film version of those comics that fans could reasonably have hoped for. And if nothing else it put an end to innumerable "Cast Watchmen" threads clogging up Internet boards year after year.
This is true. While I have some issues with Synder's directorial ticks, "Watchmen" is an almost too faithful adaptation of Alan Moore and Dave Gibbson's graphic novel.

Synder set out to take the visual language of the book and put it on film, which he accomplished. In doing so, however, he neglected to account for the fact that not everything adapts well to film.

For instance, Synder crammed the movie with the same pacing as the graphic novel, which resulted in some meandering in the middle of the film.

My major issue with Synder is his visual style when it comes to action sequences. I'm not a fan of slowmo the way he uses it.

But with Nolan participating, I'm sure that some of Synder's ticks, such as the action, will be made more naturalistic and in line with how Nolan operates.
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