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Is that the one where Dracula is silent, because Lee thought the script was so bad he refused to speak the lines? I know it was one of the later ones, but I'm not sure which one.
That happened a lot, I think. He has NO dialogue at all in Prince of Darkness, and very little dialogue in many of the later films.

Honestly, I think the films made a mistake after Horror by not bothering to have Dracula pose as human anymore, which meant that Lee had fewer opportunites to act and exchange dialogue with his co-stars. He's all vampire, all the time, which means that often he's treated more like a monster than a character. Lee does his best to invest the character with some sort of personality, but he's basically a Great White Shark with a cape, who just lurks in the shadows waiting to bite people . . . .

Oh, the bibliographer in me feels obliged to point out that SATANIC RITES OF DRACULAS was also released as COUNT DRACULA AND HIS VAMPIRE BRIDE.
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