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Re: Re-Imagined K'tinga/D7

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Hmm. The D7 kit I had back in 1971 was in white plastic.
It's possible that was an unusual pigment run. The one I had back around that period was gray, as was another I saw a kid playing with on the playground in third grade. The unbuilt one I currently have in the basement is also molded in gray. And this one being sold on E-Bay shows gray parts still on the sprue and in their bag.
The first Klingon AMT kit I got in the mid 70s was molded in BLACK with some chrome parts for the torpedo tube, the little pipes for the sides of the neck, etc.

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By the way, I found an interesting article on the original model that confirms it was painted in purple and green. I guess you really can't argue with RGB values.
Those colors are not "green" and "purple" though.

They're "grey with a hint of green" or "grey with a hint of purple."
To be clear, the article cited says the original model built for the show, "was actually a striking purple-blue and light green." And then, "[Round 2's] approach was to paint the ship a more overall grey while maintaining a hint of original purple and green. That way, everyone should be able to relate to it. I also weathered it to make the model more appealing, even though the originals were not weathered."
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