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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

I rewatched Watchmen a couple nights ago. I didn't need that refresher. I'm really worried now. It's such an unnecessarily violent movie and seems to fetishize every drop of blood, every blown off finger, every broken bone. Every action scene is done in showy slow motion. The style that so complemented an insane piece of Frank Miller trash like 300 is so thoroughly inappropriate for Watchmen and indicates that Zack Snyder totally missed the point of Alan Moore's writing. Hell, he even seems to play Hollis Mason's death for laughs!

Snyder better not fuck up Superman! (And if he does, he better fuck it up in an unexpected way!)

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So, is Lara cast too? Superman's parents will be Robin Hood, Guinevere, Robin Hood and Judge Hershey, apparently.
Personally, I'm more concerned about the recurring, retroactively incestuous relationship between Martha Kent & a previous Superman. First you have Annette O'Toole going from Lana Lang in Superman III to Martha Kent on Smallville. Now we have Diane Lane, who previously played George Reeves' mistress in Hollywoodland.

As for who was the better Robin Hood, I actually prefer the Russell Crowe version. That movie gets a lot better on repeat viewing and I think the added scenes in the extended cut don't hurt either. I'm still crossing my fingers hoping that international/home video sales will be enough to pay for a sequel.

Of course, I've only seen Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves once, but I was not impressed at all.

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Cain's Clark really got under the skin of Lois, which she couldn't stand or admit she liked. But, then again, even the Casper Milquetoast version got under the skin of Lois (in both the comics and the movies).

I've always said that Lois was really in love with Clark, not Superman, and that her ego just couldn't allow her to admit it.
I would frequently grant that that's the case, although I wouldn't say so for the Christopher Reeve/Brandon Routh movies. Granted, I think that if she knew, she would be more apt to see Clark's good qualities but I just don't think that Clark on his own has anything to catch Lois' attention.
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