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Re: Facts About Colm Meaney!

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Okay, Argus Skyhawk, could you tell me the coding you used to insert that hyperlink?
Copy the URL to which you want to link. Then, when you write the message, select the words you want to be the link by rolling over them with the mouse while holding the button. Then just above the text box, click on the icon that has a picture of a world with a chain link (or paper clip?). A message box will pop up asking you to enter the URL of the link. Paste the URL and click OK.

I hope I explained that clearly.
Worked like a charm -- Thanks!

FACT: The name Colm Meaney is an anagram for:
Camel Money
Came Lemony
Mace Lemony
Acme Lemony
Calm Yeomen
Clam Yeomen
Meanly Come
Laymen Come
Namely Come
Mane Comely
Amen Comely
Mean Comely
Name Comely
A Comely Men
My Ace Melon
My Ace Lemon
My Menace Lo
My Lace Omen

More Colm Meaney anagrams can be found here.
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