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Re: Best Audio Book?

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I didn't listen to the Charlie stories in order, in fact the first one I heard was the where 8 "lost" her.

An unavoidable mistake.

Stick to the viewing order, develop a relationship with the character.
At the moment, I'm actually following Romana/Leela for the most part, which I kinda went into with a curiosity for McGann, especially his Shada (Plus the wonderful suggestions in the early part of the thread. Still have to get Spare Parts at some point), and that worked perfectly with the Gallifrey S1-4. I have a few other McGann's to need to listen to as well (Was distracted with Storm Warning listen).

I'm assuming there isn't many stories between Charlie's first (Storm Warning?) and these two, in series chronology?

EMH, yea thanks, I was very intrigued with the idea of so many prior actors voicing different characters, especially so many Doctors.

Edit: (A Couple hours later): OK, I looked at what I had and how fits and copied most onto disk (Zagreus didn't make it yet). I have the first three Paul McGann/Charley stories, Shada, Neverland and Zagreus + Gallifrey S1-4. I want to fit them into Gallifrey S1-S4, to introduce my mother to Dr. Who Audioplays (She doesn't like straight up Audiobooks).

So, I figure Shada (And maybe have her watch the Tom Baker Narrated Reconstruction VHS first, and maybe even the City of Death and The 5 Doctors to make the references complete?), then Neverland, then Zagreus, and then Gallifrey S1-4. We can work on the Unbound and the 8/Charley chronology next.
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