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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Welcome aboard the U.S.S. Daedalus NCC-69075

The Daedalus is a Steamrunner Class starship serving the Federation in exploring beyond the known realms of the galaxy.

The Daedalus in 2386 was assigned to the Fourth Fleet's Task Force Seventy Two along the Federation and Breen Border. The primary mission of the Daedalus is to patrol the border and stop any Breen from encoaching into Federation space.

This is our adventure...can you take on the challenges we provide?

We are currently recruiting ready for our first mission. We're only one player short of going 'live', so sign on and make your mark on this exciting new sim. We currently have vacancies for the following posts :

Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Science Officer
Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
Assistant Chief Science Officer
Assistant Chief Operations Officer
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer

and all other ranks apart from Chief of the Boat.

Find us here :
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