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Re: Facts About Colm Meaney!

Heres all the facts from the other thread so far

FACT: Colm Meaney turned down the Malcolm role on Jurassic Park to do Deep Space Nine.
FACT: Colm Meaney turned down the Malcolm role on Firefly to do Deep Space Nine.
FACT: Colm Meaney doesnt have opposable thumbs
FACT: Colm Meaney is missing his right hand middle finger, much like James Doohan did. Only, he had his hand fitted with a prosthetic finger for his role on Star Trek, so he wouldn't be bothered with constantly trying to hide his hand.
FACT: Colm Meaney dropped out of the lead role in "Malcolm X" to do DS9
FACT: Colm Meaney got handcuffed to the dabo table shirtless for one of his birthdays.
Fact: Colm Meaney turned down the Malcolm role in "Malcolm in the Middle" to do DS9.
FACT: Colm Meaney turned down the Malcolm role on Enterprise because he wasn't on Voyager.
FACT: Colm Meaney put the bomp in the bomp ba bomp ba bomp, the dip in the dip da dip da dip, and the ram in the rama lama ding dong.
FACT: Colm Meaney was considering quitting DS9 until a chance meeting with Martin Luther King III, who told him he was a role model for white guys with Afros, made him change his mind
FACT: Colm Meaney is Rory Williams' father.
FACT: Colm Meaney was threatened with deportation when he tried to turn down his DS9 gig.
FACT: Colm Meaney is the only man Chuck Norris fears.
FACT: The name "Colm Meaney" is the Gaelic form of "Richard Robau".
FACT: Colm Meaney's birth name was Colm Nicely, but he changed it to project a tougher image.
FACT: It's a fact that Colm Meaney never combed his hair, ever and he got very nasty when the hairstylist wanted to.
I don't know who Colm Meaney is.
FACT: Colm Meaney slept up in the rafters at the DS9 soundstage between taping.
FACT: I used to like Colm Meaney until ten posts ago.
FACT: Colm Meaney actually wrote one of the above posts.
I can never watch Colm Meaney again without cracking up
Fact: As Godwin's Law gives the likelihood that all internet flame wars will inevitably involve Hitler, O'Brien's Law similarly states that all TrekBBS threads will eventually mention Colm Meaney.
FACT: Colm Meaney turned down the role of Malcolm in "Malcolm and Eddie" because he was promised a meatier role in season 5 of DS9
FACT: There is no such person as Colm Meaney. He was just Roddenberry in a wig and face mask the entire time.
FACT: Colm Meaney, on a rare break from TNG, made an appearance in Die Hard 2 as the Windsor airlines pilot. But this was purely on the condition that his character's first name would be Malcolm.
FACT: Colm Meaney was the first choice for the Opie role on The Andy Griffith Show.
FACT: Colm Meaney is actually British.
: Colm Meaney built a model of the Millennium Falcon and put it in the O'Brien quarters. There is a deleted scene in DS9's What we leave behind where Miles and Molly fights over it.
FACT: Colm Meaney is actively campaigning to get a role in ST XII as an O'Brien ancestor.
FACT: Miles O'Brien wasn't included in that courtroom scene with Q in Encounter at Farpoint because Colm Meaney fell asleep in that chair on the battle bridge set. At a convention in 2003, Marina Sirtis and Denise Crosby told the entire room about how Colm Meaney slept like a baby.
FACT: During the strike in 1988, Colm Meaney lived on the set.
FACT: Colm Meaney still thinks Deep Space Nine is still being made.
FACT: Colm Meaney pitched the idea for the Dominion War arc
FACT: When asked who he regarded as his biggest influence as an actor, Patrick Stewart replied "Colm Meaney"
FACT: Colm Meaney makes everything funnier.
FACT: Colm Meaney was set to make an appearance in FC, aboard the Defiant as part of Worf's crew, but pulled out because DS9 would have fallen in ratings.
FACT: An episode about Miles waking up on the Enterprise where Wesley was the captain was planned for season five. Colm Meaney protested that it took the "torture Miles" thing too far.
FACT: In the 3rd season of Enterprise, it was intended for Daniels to take Miles O'Brien back in time to be the chief engineer on board the NX-01, after Charles Tucker suffered a fatal accident. But Colm Meaney turned down the role, because he was afraid of becoming typecast.
FACT: Colm Meaney once told a fan "go f**k yourself" at a trek convention when he was told that he shouldn't have married Keiko.
FACT: Miles O'Brian was going to be the Section 31 recruit, however Berman realised that he would be too badass and gritty for the role and gave it to the mellow Bashir instead.
FACT: Steven Segal was going to be in an episode of DS9, in which Miles O'Brian woud kill Steven Segal's character. but the deal fell through.Years later, Colm Meaney appeared in Steven Segal's movie Under Seige, in which Steven Segal killed Colm Meaney's character.
FACT: The reason we haven't seen any decent Steven Seagal movies in years is because Colm Meaney killed him.
FACT: Dr Selar didn't appear in anymore episodes of TNG because Colm Meaney got a pay rise.
FACT: Colm Meaney was scheduled to play "Future Guy", but pulled out to star in layer cake and thus ENT was cancelled.
FACT: Colm Meaney is the Village Green Preservation Society.
FACT: Timo gets his treknology information from Colm Meaney
FACT: Colm Meany will assume the title role in a 50's retro-remake of "Superman".
FACT: Colm Meaney insisted on writing the script for The Assignment
FACT: Colm Meaney knows what self-sealing stem bolts and reverse ratcheting routing planers do.

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