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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I also advocate changing designs which were simply reused or haphazardly modified at the last minute in any remastering to add some incentive to watch again and break up the Excelsior class of the week which cropped up A LOT in TNG.
This is EXACTLY what I am afraid of. Changing designs, replacing ship classes with others ... so the Cairo is not an Excelsior class anymore, it suddenly is an Akira! It may not be important for plot or story, but this is changing history! Since when is coolness more important than canon to you people?
This is EXACTLY what they should do, in the context of replacing ships and shots done as cost saving measures. Now they can change it...especially in cases where original FX or ships are described or had production drawings made for them...much like my Jarada example, or Armus.
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