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I think it's pretty much a foregone conclusion that whatever they come up with (assuming they come up with anything at all) she'll be cute.

While I wouldn't say I'm as vocal or as enthusiastic as some others, I defiantly count myself as a Tali fan. Partly because she was the only Quarrian we saw in ME1 and that by itself made her more interesting but she was also the only character other than Ash who didn't seem to whine and get all angsty over everything. Ash may have been a little closed minded (though I wouldn't label her as racist as others seem to) at least she had a firm point of view.

My preference for Tali also had something to do with my first playthrough being as a Soldier so I always made sure I had squad mates with tech and biotic powers to balance things out...which consequently meant I spent most of the game with Tali and Liara in tow.
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