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Re: The Prime Directive

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Tough call. Depends on if there are any extenuating circumstances beyond the rescuing of the Captain.

Is it a technologically less advanced culture?
Yes the culture is technologically less advanced - the captain and a few more crew. Basically if the Commander had been less paniced about being in command of the ship for the first time, it wouldn't have happened.

She struck a deal with the leader of the A group (lets say B group has captured the captain) to use some of their unique technology to get to where the captain is and in return the Commander would open the area and let group A in Group B's domain, like a surprise attack! and of course Group A then kills a good chunk of Group B.

I can't decide wether the Commander will be demoted, moved to another ship effectively ending their run on the ship in question and bringing in a new Commander or being sent to a detention camp with the same result as above.

I currently do not have an ending to my story
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