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Re: OT: Announcing ONLY SUPERHUMAN, my first original novel!

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Christopher, will you be doing annotations for Only Superhuman?
Ohh, I'm sure I'll be posting lots of behind-the-scenes and supplemental material on my website. I've got years and years of worldbuilding behind this.

I'm interested in learning about space habitats and how they would work for my own science fiction stories, though mine are more on the mining side than just habitats.
Well, my main source was The High Frontier by Gerard K. O'Neill, which is maybe a little dated but still has valid ideas at its foundations. Another valuable source was this site, which offers some nice technical detail on the subject, though filtered through the Mobile Suit Gundam universe (which drew on The High Frontier for a lot of its worldbuilding). And this John Cramer essay helped me figure out the Coriolis force.

Here are some other links I have bookmarked: (Has a focus on mining)

Oh, by the way, we just reached another milestone. Greg's approved the revised manuscript, which means we're one step closer to publication! (And it means I'll be getting another check soon!)
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