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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

A big meh from me

I'm no Lantern expert and have only basic knowledge about them so i can't judge comic/movie parallels and won't but the movie itself felt very disjointed to me.

I know that setup movies are notoriously very difficult to make and for that i'm giving them much leeway but this movie failed to rise above mediocrity. Parallax was kinda disappointing.. we never see why Fear is so potent with it and instead we just see it pulling "souls" from people and devouring them.

I also didn't buy Hal's supposed strength, i.e. to overcome fear, for a moment.. it just wasn't well written and if the script isn't that good no high quality actor can pull something good out of it (see Natalie Portman in Star Wars for example).

It was pretty to look at, Blake Lively was hot and i loved the first scene between her and the Lantern where she sees right through and recognizes him.. a big dig at all superhero movies where we are supposed to believe that mere glasses/half-masks or a different voice makes you unrecognizable to people that know you or work closely with you.

It remains to be seen if the financial success will be high enough to warrant a sequel.. i'm guessing it will but it'll be a long time until something falls together so well like it did with Nolan's Batman movies.
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