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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

Meh. After the first three or four arcs of S8 I noticed started enjoying the series less and less. And after they decided to totally ruin Angel's character by making him the Big Bad.... Well lets just say I've read better fanfiction than this official release.

So they decide to have Angel share a title with Faith? Ok, I can dig that. But little to no Connor, Gunn, Illyria? It feels like they don't even care about characters that were created on Angel. If they ignore the fact that Angel actually made friends and developed during his time away from Buffy I will be pissed.

Only Angel remembers LA going to hell? What a cop-out. If they can reveal the existence of vampires and monsters to the globe then they can have one city remember being sent to hell. Gunn in particular had an interesting experience and it seems stupid to sweep it all under the rug.
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