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Re: Re-Imagined K'tinga/D7

You know, a thought occurred to me early in this thread and I decided to keep my mouth shut and see how things unfolded. But now that this is done, I really think that the forward section which would have been more spherical (i.e. with an undercut) that the original D-7 has looks better than the flattened "hemispherical" structure on this version. Since it hangs down farther it makes the forward end look more substantial from a wider range of angles than this this ship, which from many top angles appears to have a very flat forward end. This does lend itself to more of a Vor'cha feel, but I dunno, I'm glad the original D-7 is still out there...somewhere...

Don't get me wrong, I love this model. I'd like to see some "action" shots of it and maybe some ortho drawings?

Tremendous work!

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