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Quoting sidoshi over at NeoGAF:
I looked around and couldn't see this mentioned, so kill me if it was.

Today on Twitter, David Silverman (marketing director at BioWare) said these things:

"@SilentKittyK the CE of #ME3 has both #FemShep and male Shepard on the box."

"@ChrisCrowdly there will be a #FemShep trailer. We actually had a meeting on her yesterday. We are working on the look now."

Well it took them long enough.

I take it from that though that they're not just going to go with the default femShep look? If they come up with something new then they'd better include it in the game's presents.
Seriously though, did it bother anyone else that Bioware's trailers for DAO bore next to no resemblance to the actual game? Even recently with DA2 there were things in the trailer that would have been great in the game but oddly absent. Probably not something worth worrying about as the ME trailers have been fairly representative of the final product. Though I do wish they'd kept the hyper-detailed galaxy map seen in some of the early ME gameplay footage.
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