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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I've owned some of every TOS home release since the VHS days, including the new Blu-ray releases. No one need preach to me on the differences in picture quality (I'm a Blu-ray and HD-DVD early adopter). But it doesn't mean that Next Gen, as is, can't be watched and enjoyed on current home theater set-ups.
I have to disagree with you here, BillJ. I'm also a home cinema enthusiast of many years standing. Like you, I've owned TNG in many home video formats from VHS to Blu-ray (LaserDisc as well!) over the years. In my dedicated home cinema room I'm watching on an extremely large screen - and to be honest, TNG is horrible, just horrible. Artifacts, smearing, fuzziness etc. I always have to switch overscan back on just to remove the varying array of artifacts that plague the majority of episodes at screen edge.

We have a quality 50" PDP upstairs, on which I now watch most of my TV content - but even on that monitor, the problems are clearly evident.
I've got a 46" LCD myself, and the TNG DVDs are awful. Artifacting, fuzziness, all manner of issues. Sometimes it's worse than how it used to look over broadcast TV.

Even if they redid the compression and just put the standard definition episodes on Bluray, it would absolutely look better.

And as for hi-def, remember the live action footage was filmed on "film" which has a massively high resolution, if they actually go back to those film elements and re-scan those, and then render all the new effects in high-definition, then there would be a massive improvement.

Just as an example, the latest Ben-Hur restoration had them scanning the 65mm elements at 8K resolution (basically 8000 lines). Bluray is only 1080.
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