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Re: Ron Thornton Interview

You know almost as soon as I typed Tim Earls' name I was pretty sure I'd gotten it wrong. A bit lazy of me since I have a bunch of the concept art on my HD and I'm sure it has Mayrand's signature all over it.

As for the game, yeah that's a bit like a 'lost episode' of B5. Most of the principle cast filmed some scenes for the FMV, plus Wayne Alexander playing a new EF Admiral character. From what I gather from someone who got their hands on the script the branching nature of the story makes things a bit hard to follow, but I gather from a the few articles published in the B5 mag way back when there was supposed to be some kind of time-travel/alternate history framework that'd allow the player to fly missions in several different conflicts (Dilgar War, Earth-Minbari War, Shadow War and I think the League wars too.)

Oh, and you may notice that Thornton's star destroyer-ish cludge that was bundled with Lightwave was set to make another appearance.
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