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Re: Ron Thornton Interview

About the game. You just made my mind up for me. ; ) I was given concept sketches for the ships but was in two minds about adding them to the concept art section. Iíll be adding them now, as it was Luc Mayrand who provided all the designs. Tim wasnít involved with the game in any way (I asked him), but apparently he did receive a really nice shadow watch.

The story of the game was going to be canonical, at least sections of it, as jms was providing the information. If the game and Crusade hadnít both come to a sticky end, it was envisaged that elements from the game (including designs) would have ended up in the show!!!

Expanding the B5 known universe would have taken the form of new elements not seen in the show which would be new ships, new home worlds, new aliens and alliances between them, new characters as well as old, new stories, to name a few. JMS would be the one to establish all this so it would be canon with the show, the books, etc while still giving the opportunity to have a new adventure in this universe each time you started a new run with the game.

This is also why Luc Mayrand was asked to do concept sketches for various ships and stuff for us to use in creating these new assets. They could also be brought back into the TV side of things later for any future shows or movies.
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