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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hey all!

I'm a massive TNG fan, and was brought up watching it almost every day as my mum is obsessed with Patrick Stewart (I've seen him in theatre 5 times, and went to a special Patrick Stewart fan club meet and greet with my mum a few years back).

My favourite characters are Picard, Wesley, Riker, Q and Lwaxana.

My sister is the spitting image of Marina Sirtis in her younger days, unfortunatly she doesnt realise how much of a compliment that is when i tell her she's basically Deanna Troi!

I don't particularly like Dr Polaski in season 2, but that may be because he downright dismisses Data to begin with, and for some reason i can never get passed that with her.

I have too many favourite episodes to list them but any episode with Q is a winner.
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