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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

The parts with Arya would be fine, if they had a little variety. It's just that the same thing keeps happening to her, like 3-4 different times. Good to get out and see the ravaged countryside, but we don't need to spend the whole series just seeing her be a captured serving girl in like 4 castles/camps. Got it. Same with Brianne. After all the build up and story time she gets, she really just shows us more wrecked countryside and downtrodden people. We waste a LOT of time on her, and outside the bit where she interacts with Jaime and humanizes/redeems him a bit, her entire character could be deleted from the book and you really wouldn't miss anything. Someone else could easily do the couple things she has to do, and most of them don't need doing anyway.

There seem to be several characters that GRRM has decided he needs towards the end of the series, and he's just stalling with them while he cleans up the rest. Tighter editing and he can probably trim at least an entire book out of this thing, and wrap it up. Of course, if i was getting paid by the book, and had a hit series, I probably wouldn't be watching the word count, either...
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