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Fitness is something that I've never quite hooked up with properly. I'm way too much of a foodie, way too much of a beer lover, and well, way too much of a couch potato.

That said, I am now living The Summer of Fitness!

We had a little financial windfall from a dead relative.
Splurge #1: We bought me a new bike. I know it's not much, but I make a point to ride 2 miles a day around 5 days a week. I also haven't used my car to go to church, the store, work, or anywhere else that's accessible by bike since Memorial Day. People in town think I'm a bit nutty, but they've always thought that.

Splurge #2: My daughter has been taking Karate lessons for the last three years. After a tournament last year, she asked me to take lessons so that we could compete in family events. Riiiight. Well, my wife signed us up for the adult class for the summer. I had my fourth class tonight, and I have to say that the Instructor does a nice job balancing everything between cardio, forms, and "age" of his class. It felt like the first class he was trying to "break me" by ramping up the fitness portion, but by surviving it and coming back, I've clearly earned his respect. I can't throw anyone yet, but I come home with a nice healthy "soreness."

Although my wife and I are both teachers, her summer duties are a bit heavier than mine. In the two weeks since school let out, my daughter and I have spent an hour or more 10 of the 14 days in a swimming pool. It's a delightful bonding time for us, and it gets me off my couch and out of the house.

Sadly, I don't know what to do with all this extra energy!
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