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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

Hey, I said replacing some of the Excelsior's of the week with New Orleans/Springfield and Cheyenne class ships - all designs that already exist and have already appeared in TNG (as part of the debris field in BoBW). They already exist in The Encyclopedia and behind the scenes as fleshed out designs of that era, so if you ask me it makes sense to see them sometimes where we saw Excelsior's, Miranda's and Oberth's galore.

If your going to remaster something which was crippled in the first place, why not go back and spruce it up a bit? "Canon" bitchers can go fuck themselves. The original TNG episodes still exist, but they cannot be "uprezzed" to HD, hence the re-whatever that is apparently happening. Editing is just as much a creative process as writing, and so if the creators of this remastering see an area where an alteration could be made to improve the show, then I'm all for it.

I'm not saying we make the Enterprise-D into a JJ-Verse slick backed Apple product, nor am I saying we should make the camera work shaky and handheld like in NuBSG. All I want to see is elements from that show rearranged to work better together with a visual flare that was not available in the 80s. Hell, if Mike Okuda produces this he'd be in a better position than he was in for TOS-R as he actually DID work on TNG. So all this talk of young whippersnappers coming in and ruining the visual effects of something which wasn't as good as it could have been in the first place is something that boggles my mind.

Some of you would no doubt scream heresy if they digitally removed some of the cardboard panels seen on screen covering up reflections of the camera crew in bridge shots.
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