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Re: Ron Thornton Interview


Ah, so we finally have a culprit for the Raider fighter? Interesting that he mentions it's supposed to be an old EF interceptor, probably auctioned off as junk. Makes sense in-universe as to where a bunch of criminals would be getting their hardware from and why several presumably disparate groups are all using the same basic design. I can imagine them becoming popular with fringe colonies and private security firms as a cheep way to patrol local space and there's probably a bit of a cottage industry in manufacturing replacement parts and maybe even some minor League world was making cheep knock-offs and selling them in bulk for a tidy profit. Sort of like the AK-47 of the space lanes.

A pity these guys will never be allowed to contribute to any kind of official tech manual (assuming they had a mind to.)

Oh and as for the name you can't remember here, I think it was 'Zepher'. Probably came from the Chameleon Electronic RPG or maybe the B5 Wars tabletop not canon.
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