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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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I also advocate changing designs which were simply reused or haphazardly modified at the last minute in any remastering to add some incentive to watch again and break up the Excelsior class of the week which cropped up A LOT in TNG.
This is EXACTLY what I am afraid of. Changing designs, replacing ship classes with others ... so the Cairo is not an Excelsior class anymore, it suddenly is an Akira! It may not be important for plot or story, but this is changing history! Since when is coolness more important than canon to you people?
Screw this form of canon.

I can appreciate the model work of TNG well enough, but budget limitations forced them to reuse the same models many times and it looks cheap. It makes the show look poor, and if you had to properly nerd out about the matter, it makes the Feds look poor. From a canonical perspective, the Miranda-class and Excelsior-class vessels being used in the 24th century are nearly 100 years old. Why the hell couldn't they reuse the Ambassador model more than once?

The Federation are a cheap bunch of bastards.
TBH I did enjoy the visual continuity with the movie era that the older ships brought, but it did imply a prolonged period of stagnation where very little progress was made. Replacements for the miranda and excelsior class would have to walk that fine line between cool & new, but not quite as cool as the Galaxy class, seeing as thats the brand new state of the art flagship. Excelsior is also my fav design, so it has to stay.
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