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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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I can't tell if in your continued defense of GL in your statements are meant to be ludicris or you just really think your opinion is carte blanche correct for a large vast majority.

Plot is the least interesting aspect? I have to give that a big ole

Character Development + Plot = Reason to Care

I, nor anyone is suggesting you change your mind about GL. You loved it and that is great. I liked Prince of Persia and despite scores hating on it I still stand by it as a fun film. I get it. It does seem at this point some rose colored glasses are still being worn.
I don't think it's entirely wrong to say that with Summer Popcorn flicks that great Action and 'splosions by themselves makes filling seats easier than good characterization and plot without the great 'splosions and action
Your adding qualifers that he didn't, "Summer Popcorn flick". Sure in that case a movie like Transformers, Pirates or Fast 5 might apply but still those are even a minority of cases for Summer films unless your an animated film.

Super 8, Thor and X-men have done well critically and commercially cause the characters are something to care about. A plot worth investing in, GL is all over the place and too shallow for most of it's run time that purty 'splosions just don't cover up.
I don't think Summer Popcorn Flick is an added qualifier, since we're in a Green Lantern Thread, discussing Green Lantern, which is a Summer Popcorn Flick.

With regards to Transformers, I gotta say there's nothing to that movie, but, the special effects. I never understood the Transformers Craze, thought they were stupid characters and stupid toys, so, when I watched it this weekend, I wasn't watching it through nostalgia. I was bored senseless watching it, and I've never heard anyone say anything positive about plot of character development in it, it seems to be pretty accepted, that it's a Special Effects eyegasm, and nothing more.

With regards to Green lantern, I haven't seen it yet, I'll be watching it when it's released on DVD (Or On Demand), so, I can't speak to the actual content of the movie, I'm hoping, I'll be one of the few who can actually enjoy it. I've never been a major comic book buff, but, I was always intrigued by the Character Green Lantern, so, I've been looking forward to it.

I think Thor and Pirates wouldn't have done so well, if they were stronger on story and character and really weak on effects, though. The effects is what drew people in, a great story was/would've been icing on the cake.
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-Okay, so the casting people couldn't find a single fat Black woman capable of playing Amanda Waller? Really? Did they look, or just hope purists wouldn't notice the weight loss?

Of all the complaints to have with a movie, "the black woman wasn't fat enough" has to be one of the silliest I've ever heard.
Did someone actually make that comment here? I missed it but would at that. That poster only inflates the "comic book guy" stereotype as portrayed on The Simpsons. Complaining about Amander Waller's girth is just stupid.
Eh, The Last Airbender got quite a bit wrong, but, one of the things that irritated me most was that Iroh was a skinny white dude (That and the butchering of all the pronounciations)
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