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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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I didn't say anything about the plot(re: Iron Man). I suppose it worked; the plots to most movies do. Plot is also the least interesting aspect of film for most moviegoers and in most cases is the element that has the least bearing on a film's success.

I can't tell if in your continued defense of GL in your statements are meant to be ludicris or you just really think your opinion is carte blanche correct for a large vast majority.

Plot is the least interesting aspect? I have to give that a big ole

Character Development + Plot = Reason to Care

I, nor anyone is suggesting you change your mind about GL. You loved it and that is great. I liked Prince of Persia and despite scores hating on it I still stand by it as a fun film. I get it. It does seem at this point some rose colored glasses are still being worn.
I don't think it's entirely wrong to say that with Summer Popcorn flicks that great Action and 'splosions by themselves makes filling seats easier than good characterization and plot without the great 'splosions and action
Your adding qualifers that he didn't, "Summer Popcorn flick". Sure in that case a movie like Transformers, Pirates or Fast 5 might apply but still those are even a minority of cases for Summer films unless your an animated film.

Super 8, Thor and X-men have done well critically and commercially cause the characters are something to care about. A plot worth investing in, GL is all over the place and too shallow for most of it's run time that purty 'splosions just don't cover up.
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