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Re: Green Lantern: Grading, Review, Discuss, Tracking, Sequel?

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Eh, I wouldn't call any of that particularly "deep" myself. It was still all very surface-level, comic booky stuff.
We're comparing comic book movies and therefore referencing emotional depth within that context.

Obviously, as everyone is aware, there are films that present significantly more depth of various kinds than any film of this type. That said, even the greatest films often build on the same basic tropes that we see in genre films, so there is so huge chasm separating them. It's just a question of degree, ambition, subtlety, etc.

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GL might not be quite at that level, but I still don't see what it does that's so incredibly different either.
I don't think it is incredibly different. It's just not an especially effective take on the same basic formula.
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