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Any thoughts on having "ancient ruins" being rendered as a part of the base world, with matching artifacts that can be used to boost the abilities of certain tools? Would make for an interesting extra angle.
I'd love something like that, they could be like dungeons on the surface. They'd have to be rare though, there should be at least 5 minutes of walking between ruins.

I know that I said I was finished with SSP, but I decided to go back and build a rail line to my new Sky Needle, something I hadn't done as I didn't have enough gold. That meant I had to return to my mine shaft at Fort Jupiter which I've barely even used since the pre-Halloween update era. Back then, slimes were very rare so I never went up against one and only saw two in my world in all my time playing. That meant I had no slime-balls, which I'm going to need soon for sticky pistons.

So while I have been mining over the last few days, I kept my eye out for slimes in the branches. I saw 3 small ones, punched them and failed to get any slime-balls. (Pro-tip: Don't ever shout out "Give me your slime-balls!" in the middle of the night, it's easy to misinterpret.) But this afternoon I was walking down the main branch of my mine when I heard what sounded like a slime orgy. I looked down various branches to see where the sound was coming from, but it quickly stopped. I assumed that some slimes had drowned in an adjacent cave, or something like that. Then I looked down one of the branches and saw this:

17 slime balls sitting in a 1x3 tunnel. I've just gone from 0 slime balls in 9 months of playing to 17 miraculous slime-balls in time for the 1.7 update. The great Notch is clearly looking out for me.
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