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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

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That moment really says a lot about the show to me. Even one of the show's most stable characters, Zhaan, goes right for the arm and is obsessed about the data for the rest of the episode. When the chips are down, this is basically a motley group of ex-cons who are united mostly by having a common nemesis, a broadly similar goal, and the conveinence of hanging out on a spaceborne leviathan as opposed to trying to eek it out on one of the worlds they encounter in Uncharted Territories.

That is, it can be a pretty fragile social compact when you come down to it, and coming down to it can include severing the arm of the sweetest and most selfless character on the entire show.
Indeed, though it fun to not the ex-military gal and the quasi-military guy are horrified by the actions. Anyways, it was surprising but "Fits"

Trust me, that is the right attitude to have. If the devil is in the details, then Farscape is lost in its oddball kinkery.
I am going to be keeping a little tally of all the kink I find, if anything, for giggles. Can't wait till the Gimp arrives

I've grown to love Crichton terribly, and it's hard not to, really.
Indeed, and that type of character is hard to pull off being likable and at times, a lovable idiot, but also it fun to hear someone with a real (Light) North Carolina accent. (I grew up one town over from Charlotte, NC where Ben Browder grew up.)
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