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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

To add to what Defcon said, I knkow our webmaster/guru is working so it will be available on iTunes and YouTube.

The way it works is instead of just our voices, we thought it would be fun to have our characters from STO on screen, and we will be hosting from different locations, such as Vulcan, Andor, Risa...and I am pretty sure when we do our broadcast from the Vegas convention we will be in Quarks.

But I totally agree about the audio only option, and it is something we are working on.

For Defcon, I like the idea of the "roll call" after the bio break. One of the things that is so fun with this is (for those who play STO) that others can come and visit the "set" as we broadcast. There is someone building an actual talk show set for us in STO, I am pulling for a Merv Griffin type setting. LOL

I am glad you go to hear Teri's views regarding Sisko in Rough Beasts of Empire, I called her while I was reading the book and told her she HAD to read it considering how her and I have this endless debate about Sisko. LOL She is reading Paths of Disharmony right now, and we will have a very spirited discussion about that this week.

One thing we also will discuss is the ebooks and ereaders, as the impact is a big one and there are many Trek lit that are ebook specific. We are already mapping next week's episode, as well as how to handle when I am gone on a Sunday due to my Army Reserve duties.

I honestly cannot tell you how gratifying it is that there is interest in our show, and to let you all know we are working to refine the show so we stay far more Trek lit focused. But I think the Trek univerese is so vast there are some topics that cross from TV to film to books, and the joy is we can weave it all in.

The show is really just people who love Trek, especially n print, and us hanging out as two friends (three if you count "Fred" - and I do love that little joke we have with his name) discussing our passion.

Thanks to all who listen and hope to listen when we get some of the tech issues ironed out.

All the best!
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