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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

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All I could think during the Sisko discussion was that Teri will absolutely hate the Sisko portions of Rough Beasts of Empire if she hasn't already read it.
Just listened to the recording, and she has read it, must have missed that due to the lags.

Technobuilder wrote: View Post
Sorry, I was a bit confused initially. (Maybe I still am)

So this isn't really a podcast, but a Vlog.

I was looking around for an .mp3 download link for 5 minutes and still haven't found one, if it exists.

I'm interested in your show, but I'm more interested in an audio-version I can have on in the background while doing other things.

Again, if I missed the download link, and just haven't seen the right links, please let me know. It's not extremely clear where your show is located and which video is the Show for the week.
There doesn't seem to be a audio only version, but you won't miss to much if you only listen to the audio. It's basically just the STO in-game characters of the hosts and some viewers.

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And it would be nice if it's available through itunes.
For what's it worth: I had a short conversation with their techguy yesterday via Twitter and he mentioned that he'll change recording techniques so it will be easier to upload it to itunes and youtube, so I guess future episodes will be on itunes. *shrug*
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