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Re: New podcast devoted to Trek lit

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Thank you for the feedback,
You're welcome.

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in our after show discussion we discussed our commenting on people entering the room. I know for me that was just the excitment of seeing people from the west coast actually got up at 6 am their time to listen to us. A very valid point though.
I understand that. I was just talking from an outsider's (I have only played STO for a week or so during the Beta) standpoint. Maybe having little "roll-calls" after the bio-breaks would be a good compromise?

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I think the lag may have been a livestream issue, I was listening to another show later and there was the same issue.
Probably, the recording sounds fine.

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We may get a little sidetracked (the discussion about Sisko was not Trek lit, but I think it was a good debate about our viewpoints on that subject) but we really love Trek books and hope that came through.
Yeah it did come through.

All I could think during the Sisko discussion was that Teri will absolutely hate the Sisko portions of Rough Beasts of Empire if she hasn't already read it.
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