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Re: A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones Spoiler-Filled Discussion

Time to 'wight' this thread.

So who was the character that dies in book 3 who died in S1? I was wondering did I miss it? I didn't notice anything so I did some searching today.

Apparently the bard who had his tongue cut-out was the same bard that was at the Inn when Catelyn captured Tyrion (which makes him Marillion)... but he didn't die... Unless he died off screen?

BTW I don't have access to watch the show while at work, but I'm reading that apparently the actor who plays Syrio was credited as appearing in this episode lending fuel to the long-held book theory that Jaqen is Syrio.

It could also be knowing all the long-running theories that exist they simply had the actor who plays Syrio appear somewhere in the background and then credited him... Or I guess he even could have been killed and his head was on a pike and I missed it (Sean Bean was credited and the only thing you saw of him was a CG head)
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