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Re: The Federation at war with the Borg?

Even without a government authorization, Starfleet was at war.

Now the question is not whether or not genocide is justified
La Forge's computer virus would have shutdown the Borg's neural network, disconnect the interconnects that form the collective. Geordie was going to make all the Borg individuals again. Many would likely die as a result, either through shock, artificial organs shutting down or by being trapped in dead spacecraft. But would that have constituted "genocide"

When you come right down to it, the Borg are nothing more than a large group of slaves. The collective really makes no decisions, because if it did, the first decision it would make is "let us go."

Genocide means killing a people (various descriptions), the Borg aren't a people are they?
Actually, as evidenced later in Voyager, not all Borg would have died. There are multiple examples of Borgs being disconnected from the collective and reverting back to their natural state. Which leads to the next point: the Borg are not a race. Society, perhaps, but they are not a race. Therefore it cannot be considered genocide.If Picard allowed the release of the virus, what would have happened would in fact, have been liberation for those captured borg.

Also, I think Picard was being a bit hypocritical. I find it odd that on one hand, when he has the means to release borg from captivity, it is called genocide, but when one of his crewmen was infected with the borg nanovirus in FC, Picard shot him as he was assimilated. By that rationale, that was murder.

After [Best of Both Worlds], however, do you believe a state of war still exists?
Based upon Picard's "we fall back" speech in FC, yes. And off screen, the Federation is slowly and gradually losing.
Again, I agree.

By that point, the borg attempted invasion of sector 001 twice. When the borg from FC awoke in the past, they attempted to rejoin the borg in the delta quadrant in an attempt to bring a thrid (or first) invasion force. In fact, this could be argued how the borg were tipped off to Earth, and I have even read that ENterprise had a planned origin story for the Borg queen in mind, based on the ENterprise borg episode.

Not to mention the events of Voyager clearly show there was a state of war, in that the Borg were constantly trying to assimilate or destroy Voyager, whenever contact was made. Indeed, in Endgame, what do you think the bog were intent on doing, if the fleet had not been there to greet them? They would have captured or destroyed Voyager for sure, and armed with the intelligence of voyager, they could have laid down plans for a third and final invasion.

However, it is very possible that (if you only go by on-screen), that the borg were destroyed by the same or similar virus, when future Admiral Janeway was assimilated, which stopped the Queen and may have possibly finally did what Picard should have done in I, Borg.
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