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Announcing: Deep Space Nine Season 10!

Hi all

This is my first Fan Fic project, and it's a pretty massive one, so I hope you'll indulge me, and I hope you enjoy!

Some of you may know, I have previously made a project out of adapting all the existing DS9 relaunch novels into screenplays, as if they were seasons 8 and 9 of the show. 26 episodes from Avatar to Unity (season 8), and 24 episodes from Unjoined to The Soul Key (season 9).

Now that the DS9-R seems to have fizzled out and people are wanting to know what happened between The Soul Key and Rough Beasts of Empire, I decided to come up with my own stories to fill the gap. Another whole 22 episodes, hence "season 10." The stories are written in screenplay form, as if they really were TV show scripts, each episode approx 60 pages. So it's a big investment, both by me as a writer and by you as a reader. Also, since it's so big, it's impractical to post the entire text onto the board, so I've formatted each episode as a PDF to download and store if you want.

During these 22 episodes, I plan on answering many of the questions TrekLit readers in general, and DS9-R readers in particular, have had ever since The Soul Key. Answers to what happened with the Dominion, the Ascendants, Dax's transfer, and lots more. Timeline-wise, episode one picks up right after the last page of The Soul Key, and by season end, we will be up to the beginning of TNG's A Time to... series.

The first six episodes are written, and I am now ready to begin uploading for everyone to read. I really want to generate discussion with this, as if they really were new episodes of the show. I'm hoping to get TrekLit board folks over here to join in too.

Download episode 10x01 "Emancipation" right here: 10x01 "Emancipation"

TrekLit/DS9-R fans! Want a different vision of the Ascendant conflict and the DS9 time gap?

Read DS9 SEASON 10 and DS9 SEASON 11 !

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