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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

^ Re-doing the effects is not about "being cool". Also, it's not about "violating canon".

(I'll repeat here what I have said countless times: The only real reason canon exists is to start arguments and kill the fun. Yes, internal cohesiveness creates suspension of disbelief, and this is necessary to enjoy any series without constantly getting reminded you're just watching a TV show. The concept of canon takes this concept of cohesiveness to a whole new level, just for the sake of argument.)

The effects for TNG-R should, in my opinion, be redone for the following reasons:
  • The original effects are only available in SD. Keeping them would mean dozens of jarring shifts back and forth between SD and HD in every episode. Trust me, that's the ultimate mood killer.
  • If the producers had the time, money and technology back when TNG was in production, I'm pretty certain we would not have ended up with the same footage of the Enterprise alongside an Excelsior-class vessel time and again. If if hadn't been for those constraints, they would have gone for diversification. Since the restauration removes these constraints, they should go for what they wish they had done.
  • Have you ever seen TOS-R? The new effects were all done very tastefully and with the utmost respect for the original. No Greedo shooting first. No Jedi Rocks. They stuck to the original effects so rigidly and faithfully that sometimes I caught myself wishing they had gone wild a bit more often, but they really shouldn't have. Each and every one of the new shots enhances the viewing experience without calling attention to itself, and they make one thing abundantly clear: This is what Roddenberry would have wanted if he had had the means to do it.
Of course, as they did with TOS-R, CBS should provide the option to toggle between original effects (in upscaled SD) and new effects, if only to pay homage to all the people whose blood, sweat and tears went into making this great and classic show.

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