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Re: Starship Enterprise: Strange New World.

The Badger wrote: View Post
Thanks for your kind words jerriecan! At times it looks like only two or three people are reading this, so it's comforting to learn others are giving it a look.
I just decided on a whim to read this, as of all the versions of Star Trek, Enterprise is my least favorite (actually, I don't really consider it to be real Star Trek, since it made so much hash of Roddenberry-established canon). But your story is surprisingly agreeable - I'm enjoying the absence of T'Pol and Phlox, and the cute little bits about Porthos.

BTW, thread views can give a better indicator of your true audience size than the number of people who post comments.

jerriecan wrote: View Post
I know how it feels to have a small audience. My own Doctor Who stories are the same way.
Are your Doctor Who stories posted here?
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