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Re: Rumor: TNG-HD is a-coming

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Either TNG is the story of humans exploring the galaxy in the 24th Century, a story worth re-telling to a new audience and would benefit from an update to its visuals, or its an eighties TV show that doesn't look good on a modern TV and just needs a touch up.

Mine is the former, and if i were leading the project I would change everything and anything that placed its production in the eighties/nineties, and sell it as a new show.
It's a piece of art, created in the eighties/nineties ... and it should be treated with respect! Would you give the Mona Lisa breast implants, so that the painting would fit your personal esthetic preference? I'll never understand how people can prefer plastic tits over the real thing, but that's a different story.
Ohh geeze! not the tired old "It's art" talking's not's a business..designed to make money...

Those of us in the TOS forum have been through's only a very vocal minority that completely hates the new effects..and most of them still have SDTVs...

A remastered TNG blu-ray with blurred video effects that look like a huge enough pile of crap that you'd need a Sherpa guide to climb would not sell very well...

hence the forced remastering...
This guy will never get a your breath.

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